jQuery .offset() values incorrect – problem solved

23 10 2013

It’s a known bug, but it has a simple fix.

Simply set a CSS min-height value of the div in question.  Problem solved.

I just used min-height: 0;  and it worked for me.


jQuery Cycle Plugin – IE problem fixed

23 05 2012

So I’m using a pretty slick little jQuery slideshow plugin  – Cycle. There are obviously a lot of options when it comes to slideshow plugins, but in this case, I needed something simple and lightweight. Cycle fits the bill perfectly.

But I ran into an issue with IE9. It simply would not work. The code to implement Cycle is super simple:

$(function() {
fx: ‘fade’,
timeout: 4000,
speed: 1000,
cleartype:  1

The odd thing is that if I reference the div containing the images as a class (like above), it fails. If I switch it to an id in the jQuery code and the div:


it works fine. Luckily, in this case I don’t need more than one instance.

I don’t think the problem has anything to do with the plugin. I think it’s IE and a combination of being really picky about code and how IE handles (or mishandles) the DOM. Just to add icing on the cake, it actually worked the first way in IE8, but not IE9. Go figure.

jQuery Mobile 1.1 Released

14 04 2012

jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 has been released.

New features:

  • True fixed toolbars
  • Improved transitions
  • 2 new transitions -flow and turn
  • Multiple transition sequences
  • Firefox support for transitions
  • Support for jQuery 1.7.1
  • Mini form elements
  • Improved flip switch design
  • Slider highlight feature
  • Zoom fixes in iOS
Real world review:
I’ve used 1.1.0 on two projects so far and have been very happy with it. It seems more stable. I still have a couple issues with Android browsers, but that is more a problem with Android than jQuery. For instance, the fixed toolbars do not work reliably with Android 2.2. But jQuery said this would happen in their documentation, so it’s not a surprise. They have done a good job deprecating the feature for non-compatible browsers. Their was a small issue where the loading gif was not working correctly, but jQuery is working on the fix and it will probably be fixed by the time you read this.
All in all. I’ve been very happy with jQuery mobile 1.1.0.
Looking forward, they are improving ThemeRoller and creating a downloader for custom jQuery mobile builds that only include the items that you use in your website/app.

Change, Change, Change – A day in the life of a web devleoper

14 04 2012

The web innovates faster than almost any other industry. This makes it both exciting and frustrating all at the same time. It just depends on the day. The glaring problem is the huge divide between cutting edge technologies available as a web dev and what the average/target web user has available. It’s our job as developers/consultants to find that balance for our clients. To add to the complexity are the vested interests of companies and their technologies. I’m so over the whole Apple/Adobe Flash war…ok, maybe not. Both sides had valid arguments and had their company bottom line in mind. I don’t blame either one. It’s just business. It is a shame when profit comes before technological advancement, but it is what it is. I don’t think lions are mean for eating zebras. They are just lions. It’s what they do. They have to eat. in tens years, we’ll know who was right, but it won’t really matter. Because we will have changed another three times.

So the good or bad aspect of being a web developer is that we often have to change what we do. And often change overnight. It hurts, but the first rule of a web developer is knowing multiple programming languages. It’s not a matter of if, but when you have to change what you do. So I’ve shifted focus. I’ve dusted of Dreamweaver and am back to straight web dev. My focus is primarily mobile. So I’ll be posting a lot more info on jQuery, PhoneGap, and most likely Sencha.


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