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2 06 2014

See what’s next in Creative Cloud. Watch Live on June 18th. Register here.

Adobe Illustrator CC crashes after 17.0.1 update on Mac

19 11 2013

Just a heads up that that some folks are having issues with the latest update to Illustrator CC on Mac. I installed the update and opened Illustrator and it crashes right away. There currently isn’t a fix from Adobe yet. Their answer is to reinstall Illustrator. So, while I’m doing that, I thought I make a quick post about it.

I ran into a couple other things with CC. I couldn’t really find a way to reinstall like you could with CS6. I had to uninstall Illustrator first.

But there’s a UI gotcha. Once you uninstall a CC program, the Creative Cloud app doesn’t update and still thinks you have it installed. It won’t give you the option to install. You have to quit Creative Cloud and start it up again and then everything it right with the world.

Not the best experience, but it could be worse, I guess.

Just checked my Illustrator download status. 23% Bummer. Guess I’ll go get some coffee.

jQuery .offset() values incorrect – problem solved

23 10 2013

It’s a known bug, but it has a simple fix.

Simply set a CSS min-height value of the div in question.  Problem solved.

I just used min-height: 0;  and it worked for me.


Quick tip: Xscope – hide floating toolbar

23 10 2013

Xscope is an amazing tool that I use on a daily basis.

The other day I had a floating toolbar pop up and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it.

It’s pretty obvious once you find it. Just click on Window > Toolbar.

The hotkey is Cmd – T. So that explains how it popped up. I must have tried to open a new tab in chrome while Xscope was selected.

Photoshop and Illustrator CC hang/beachball when selecting an object – FIXED

18 06 2013

This is actually just a repost from 05/2012, but the problem still persists with Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC.

I’ve run into a strange bug where Illustrator will hang/beachball every time I select an object. It makes the programs totally unusable. After a lot of searching, I stumbled upon the answer. The cuplrit is actually a program called RightZoom. Don’t get me wrong. I love RightZoom. It’s one of those little things that OSX should just do, but stubbornly won’t, so I’m glad we have little apps like this. But for some reason it just doesn’t play nice with some Adobe products.

That being said, it’s a simple fix. Just disable RightZoom for those products and everything is back to normal.

Getting to the preferences panel in RightZoom is a bit tricky for some reason. You have to Cmd-Click on the RightZoom icon in Applications. If that doesn’t work, then right-click on and select ‘Show Contents.’ From there select Contents>Resources> This will bring up the preferences panel.

In order to add a program to the Exclusion list, it must be running. So just start up the program you want to exclude, click the + and select the program. Then it’s as simple as clicking ‘Apply’ and then restarting the Adobe program(s). From there you should be good to go.

I spent days troubleshooting this this and hopefully this will save you some time.

Macbook freezes when plugged into 27″ Apple Display (display port) – Solved – and Resolved

25 04 2013

UPDATE: April 18, 2014

So almost a year to the day, I found a new solution to an old problem that was fixed and then popped back up again. With the latest update to Mavericks, this problem popped back up again. It turns out, that the solution is to do the opposite exact opposite. If it’s plugged into the USB port on my keyboard, everything is fine. If I plug it into my laptop, it will lock up. Fortunately for me, this works fine for my workflow. If I travelled a lot, I’d be pretty upset.


And it’s time for another episode of obscure Mac problems and solutions!

Every time I would plug my new Macbook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012) into my 27″ display (displayport, not Thunderbolt), it would freeze.

The problem stems from my Logitech mouse. If I plug the USB mouse receiver into the Macbook, everything works fine. If it’s plugged into the USB port on my keyboard or the back of the display, the computer will freeze.

Not an ideal fix, but a fix none the less.

Installing Java 1.7 on Mac

25 04 2013

I was trying to get Java 1.7 installed on my Mac. I did what any logical person would do and simply ran Java updater. It did it’s thing and informed me that I was running Java 1.7. However, the program that needed 1.7 kept erroring out.

So I went into terminal and typed “java -version” and it would tell me 1.6. Grr.

I went into System Preferences > Java and it said 1.7. WTF?

The short answer is that I was running both…sort of. I was running Java 1.7 web plug-in, which is different than Java.

OK, so here’s the easy fix. Install the Java SE JDK.

Some folks need to take an additional step and go into System Preferences > Java > View and reorder Java versions putting 1.7 at the top.

That will get to running Java 1.7 proper.


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